Daily Archives: January 27, 2012

kagemusha is a japanese restaurant in ubud where they serve awesome food. there is a large japanese expat community in ubud and this is the place where they all hang out. our friend natasha loves this place and decided to have her going away dinner here.

we have been hanging out with natasha daily since brenda met her three weeks ago. she is a restauranteur from melbourne, and we all get along very well. she left on tuesday and we are definitely missing having her around. its one of the sadder aspects of being a nomad – you meet lots of other really cool nomads but usually only for a very limited time. the flipside to that is you end up with a network of friends all over the world, but its still sad to bid farewell.

thats natasha on the second from the left. the girl on the far left is oksana, our housemate.

there were some classic moments, like nayou’s first photobomb:

i love this photo of brenda:

nayou held on for as long as he could, but eventually the sleep angels won. the little dude was so tired that he slept the whole ten minute scooter ride home!

here is most of our ubud crew. good times, good times!