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brandberg mountain is a big chunk of rock about three hours north-north-west of swakopmund. it is famous for having rock paintings that are over 4,000 years old, including the well known “white lady“. the place has been on our radar ever since we got here, but last weekend was when the stars finally aligned and we made it out there. we camped out at the white lady lodge, which is a gorgeous lodge/luxury tent/campsite facility right at the base of the mountain. the lodge has a history of spotty reviews from various websites, but the campsites were really nice.

there are some resident springbok and a cute but very grumpy meerkat at the lodge.

the weather was perfect – sunny and hot. it was a nice change from the fog and chill of swakopmund.

we even found kermit the frog sunbathing!

on sunday we did the one hour trek up to see the white lady. some baboons where chillaxing along the way.

the paintings are remarkably well preserved. our guide told us that the artists mixed animal fat in with the pigment which is what has made it last so long. i wonder if anything that we create will be able to reach across four millenia and be marvelled at by distant relatives.


well i’m certianly making up for lost time with all these new posts!

about a month ago brenda and nayou went on a living desert tour, which is a wonderful half-day excursion to see all of the smaller creatures that call this arid patch of land home. nayou really enjoyed it and talked about it for days afterwards. going again was an inevitability (is that even a word? it is now!) and that inevitability happened on monday. tommy the tour guide did not disappoint and both brenda and nayou came back with big smiles on their faces.

look how cute this chameleon is! i can’t wait until i see one in the flesh.

this looks like it could be ticklish… or kind of painful.

they even saw a horned adder!

co-written and co-directed by brenda and nayou!

the story goes like this:

there is a wild velociraptor on the loose, which is tranquilised by a dinosaur huunter. an ambulance rushes to the stunned velociraptor and a medic tries to help it, but it wakes up and runs away.  however, the dino hunter is on its trail again and the poor thing goes down again with a tranquiliser dart. the medic rushes to its rescue but the raptor wakes up. the raptor is not happy. it sees the dino hunter and chases after him. luckily, the medic grabs the tranquiliser dart and takes the raptor down. then the ambulance people come and take the raptor away…. to where? nobody knows.

oh i know its been another long drought for our blog. not that there hasn’t been anything going on, but with the shoot in full swing its hard to find the time to do any posts. i wisened up and brought a couple of photos into work with me so i am throwing them up here on my lunch break. woot woot! i’ve got a bunch more from a camping trip we went on last weekend which i will get up here asap as well. in the meantime here are some snaps from around the way.