Monthly Archives: August 2012

for some weird reason all of the photos i batch processed turned out square. oh well, at least it still shows the important bits.

someone is happy with their chocolate ice cream…

last weekend we spent a day driving around to various watering holes south of swakopmund. once you get inland a little bit you see a lot more plants and the landscape starts to look more like the stereotypical african savannah.

we saw tons of ostriches, oryx and springbok, but the highlight for me were the three warthogs. they are so cute! they seemed pretty wary of us and didn’t venture too close but seeing them trotting across the plains was great.

on the way home we got a flat tyre. flats seem to happen very regularly out here. i’m starting to become an expert in changing tyres, although i wouldn’t have managed this one without brendas help 🙂

the silver lining was that it delayed our return enough to see the most amazing sunset on the way home. its a shame that the photo is blurry because it was really spectacular… like something out of “empire of the sun”.

a few days ago brenda and nayou went out to visit this lady’s farm with a troupe of other mad max families. there are these beautiful farms out in the middle of nowhere in namibia. people raise horses, grow veggies and lead the slow life. seems pretty nice given that i spend ten hours a day in an office staring at a computer 🙂 i’m definitely looking forward to some chillaxing after the shoot wraps!


lately we’ve been on an even more intense spree of lego building. nayou has been obsessed with lego for a long time now and his fascination with it hasn’t flagged at all. our creations have been getting pretty cool so i thought i would share some with you.

first up we have a double decker space ship. with a hidden luggage compartment. oh yeah.

a fire truck!

one of nayou’s specialties – a jail truck.

nayou has also been building space aliens and various modes of transportation for them.

i also made a hospital last week. i tapped into my inner boy for this one… building it totally reminded me of what it felt like to play with these when i was little 🙂

take a look at this desert beauty.

we don’t have a name for her yet, but she is a gorgeous 1980 mercedes-benz, in great condition. riding in this thing is like riding in a tank. but smoov, baby, oh so smoov. i think kids these days would say “swag“. we’ve actually had the car for about three weeks now. we had been on the lookout for a car – swakopmund can be travelled on foot, but there are much fun to be had out in the desert! – so when brenda saw it with a for sale sign in the window, it was love at first sight. we didn’t want to buy it outright, so brenda talked to the owner and rustled up a lease for the duration of our stay here instead! win! they don’t make cars like this anymore – its a real pleasure to drive this thing:)

speaking of wheels, we went go-karting! its just five minutes out of swakop but its in the middle of the desert. the photo of our car was taken in their parking lot!

this is the sign of the v8. mad max’s car is the v8 interceptor, and this is the hand sign that one of the guys came up with. they’re using it in the movie as as well. i think its quite clever! speaking of the movie, the shoot is in full swing now (hence lack of blog updates… ahem). the footage they are shooting looks amazing and i am really excited to see the finished version. its going to be awesome!

this looks like some tame david lachappelle shoot to me.