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people, we are moving to vancouver. i got an offer to work at sony pictures imageworks, and we’re packing up our bags and heading north in about a week! its going to be a shock trading this bohemian lifestyle in mexico for the bustle of a big city (and a full time job), but all three of us are excited.

the gig is for two years, so for the first time in a while we will be parking ourselves somewhere for a decent amount of time. after speaking with the people at imageworks, i am excited to be working there – it sounds like they have a great team and are developing some very cool technology. vancouver also sounds like a fun place to be, so its a win-win situation all around.

i really am so grateful to be able to live in so many different countries and cultures. being able to experience different modes of living has truly made me appreciate the good and bad in all walks of life.

here are some things we are looking forward to in vancouver:

  • a functioning postal service.
  • a huge variety of foods, both for cooking at home and eating out. i’m ready to put a hurting on some pad thai right about now. brenda is jonesing for sushi, and nayou will inhale whatever we put in front of him.
  • biking everywhere. this is the perfect time for nayou to learn how to ride a bike!
  • access to museums, galleries and other cultural things that aren’t as easily available in sayulita.
  • easy access to the mountains (and snow!).

and some things we’re going to miss about sayulita:

  • spending lots of time together as a family. this is hands down the best thing about being here. i calculated the other day that out of nayou’s five and half years of existence on this planet, i’ve been around full-time for just about three of them.
  • not having to wear very many clothes, and shoes (really just flip flops) being completely optional. when it rains though, nayou likes to create makeshift ponchos out of two plastic bags. so cute!
  • eating as many mangoes, watermelons, pineapples and other tropical fruits as we like, for almost no money.
  • the three minute walk to the beach.
  • surfing. at least when there are waves. haven’t been that impressed with the swells this time around. still, a wave is a wave, and when you’re on one its just sublime. i feel like i really stepped up my surfing skills this year, and its going to be a shame to be on a hiatus from it.
  • doing two hour yoga practices if i feel like it. and at any time of the day.
  • just the general lazy pace of life. case in point – here is a quickie video of one of our lazy breakfasts in our front patio. definitely going to miss these!
  • rock lover and saphira:
    IMG_0373i‘m trying to resist turning into another blog with loads of cat photos, but its oh so hard to resist. i never understood why people obsess over their cats so much, but now i know. i catch myself talking to them all the time these days.

now that our departure has been confirmed, i’m determined to enjoy the lazy pace of life here while it lasts. there were days when i felt a bit trapped and claustrophobic here, especially during the sometimes frustrating job search, but really that was just the stress talking. all thats left to do now is to kick back and smile (and pack up the house, find temporary accommodation, settle up all the bills about a gazillion other things). as they say in mexico, animooooo!


ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present the second installment of nayou’s documentary series. this one is about a topic dear to all of our hearts – food. we were inspired to shoot a food documentary after nayou started concoting all kinds of recipes in the kitchen a couple of months ago. he has made us some delicious infused waters (some of which we sold from a stand outside our house), some great roasted vegetables and many other weird and whacky dishes. it was clear that he loves to play in the kitchen so we decided to film his antics and share it with the world.

so without further ado, here is the world premiere of nayou’s food documentary. bon appetit!

brenda found this little guy scuttling around inside our backdoor tonight. this is the third one since we moved into our place in early february. not sure if that is a lot or a little! they are a bit hard to spot, but are very easy to catch. we chuck them in the freezer and they go to sleep forever. apparently having chickens will scare away the scorpions but the mexican chickens are super early risers (read: 3am) so we may just be swapping one problem out for another.

another example of the generation gap between nayou and most of us – youtube is his television. its awesome because there is endless variety, and he can watch it on any number of devices. and it sucks because its hard to tear yourself away from it, especially when its available on a multitude of screens. still, its cool that he can access videos that thoroughly review the different kinds of toys that he is interested in.

one of his favourites is a user called EvanTubeHD, who is this cool, cute kid who reviews all kinds of toys, mainly lego and angry birds (no wonder nayou loves him). nayou has been using his own digital camera to record tons of reviews, often echoing phrases that he has picked up from evan. this video was taken this afternoon to showcase a new model that nayou built:

and here is a sample of evan doing his thing:

three months. thats how long we’ve been in sayulita already. the busy season is over and the whole town is taking on that tranquil, sleepy feel as summer approaches. its a nice change from the busy vibrance of the high season, although it is getting pretty darn hot. we have tentatively set our departure around the end of june, which is close to the time our visas here expire anyway. its weird to think we’ll only be here two more months – i feel like we could easily stay for much, much longer. we still have no idea what is next for us. i think its time to start putting out some feelers to see whats out there… we shall see!



we have been busy with all sorts of small projects, but things are winding down. i’ve moved over to a lighter schedule with my yoga teaching, and this friday is the last farmer’s market for us. i’ve also been helping out people here and there with computer stuff in exchange for massages. still haven’t cashed in on any of my services yet, but i am so very much looking forward to being kneaded and pounded by some incredible body workers!

i landed a semi-regular yoga teaching gig at this incredible retreat center called haramara. it is a big honour for me to teach there because it attracts world class teachers that really inspire me. i was rather nervous for my first class, but once i got into the groove of it it was ok. and i guess they like me because i’ve been invited back several times now! the retreat is located just outside of sayulita in a big area of gorgeous jungle. the two yoga spaces are straight out of a magazine. the photos below hardly do it any justice, but if you are interested there are some more online here.



somewhere in between everything we also started a semi-regular cultural gathering to promote community and raise awareness on a variety of issues. our friend nathalie has a gorgeous gallery space that she wanted to open up, so we organise the events and she gives us the space. so far we’ve only had one event where we screened the documentary “waste land“. it was a small turnout but really mellow and fun.




i think the next one is going to be on wednesday. we’ll prob do another screening since its easy, but we have lots of ideas about other things we could do (yoga, art, slam poetry etc). if you happen to be passing through sayulita and you have something to share, get in touch and we’ll make it happen 😉

we’re still building lots of lego creations too:


the humble pom-pom has been taking sayulita by storm lately, with all kinds of shapes and sizes popping up in storefronts, on bikes, bags and even in people’s hair! brenda has been making some great ones for the house and people are noticing. the other day a bunch of friends came over for a pom-pom party (potentially the world’s first ever pom-pom gathering?).




the ladies got hooked up with some beanies that brenda made, and now those beanies have pom-poms on them. the beanie on the left is headed to nepal next month and should get some good use 🙂


nayou has been into watching youtube videos lately. its amazing how much random stuff is out there – lego reviews, lego stop-motion movies, video game playthroughs. i always wondered who bothered to watch all that stuff, and now i know! one of nayou’s favourite channels is evantubehd. its run by a nine year old and is full of toy reviews and other random things that young boys would be into. sometimes he likes to bust out his digital camera and do his own little videos:

some more cuteness from brenda’s ipod:





i finally got around to editing some video off our cameras as well. its a hodge podge of random clips but hopefully it will entertain you. enjoy 🙂