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so we are back from our amazing road trip. it was a week of fun, laughter and happy times. i’ll be posting a proper update very soon with all the gory details.

one exciting thing that happened – nayou got another visit from the tooth fairy! i was brushing his teeth during our first night on the road, and it just fell out.


we’re safe and sound in cape town, and loving being in a cosmopolitan city. there is so much to see and do its a bit overwhelming! we’re laying low and staying pretty local as nayou and brenda are both sick. nayou is on the mend, but poor brenda is not feeling well at all. at least our apartment is roomy and comfortable.

the big news in our family is that nayou’s second tooth fell out yesterday. its became wobbly around the same time as the first one, and now its out. there is a large gap in nayou’s smile now, and it makes him look so much more like a young boy. excuse the horrible photo, but this was taken late at night when the poor guy was very tired.