Daily Archives: January 21, 2012

i’ve neglected to post about oksana, our housemate, because we don’t really have any photos of her. oksana is the original inhabitant of our house, who returned last week from a month abroad. she is a yoga teacher who is also involved in the film industry (sound familiar?) and is into raw food. our friend jeanne connected us, and her prediction that our family and her would get along well has been correct. oksana is super mellow and living with her has been a piece of cake. of course its only been a week, but its been a great week indeed.

oksana has been getting busy putting the house in order since getting back. one of the things on her to-do list was to remove some of the stuffing from the pillows. we have been sleeping on super plump pillows, which isn’t the best thing for your neck. so yesterday brenda and oksana gutted our pillows. the excess stuffing will eventually be used to make even more pillows but provided nayou with lots of fun in the meantime.

i might be biased, and i’m definitely repeating myself, but my goodness this kid is CUTE. brenda and i couldn’t stop taking pictures… but i’ll refrain from posting all of them. i’ll just post most of them 😛