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it seems like february is the month that all of mexico’s public holidays happen. since the calendar ticked over from january, its been a non-stop party in some corner of sayulita. this past week has been especially festive. on top of the considerable number of tourists already here, many more came when a bunch of carnival rides sprung up on the football field. there was also a parade through the plaza yesterday to commemorate the founding of sayulita (i think). i’ve been playing with a really cool program called lightroom which lets you enhance your photos very easily. with all of the events going on, i couldn’t pass up the chance to get out the nikon and snap some shots. i’ve still got a tendency to go a bit overboard with the dials in lightroom, but i hope you enjoy the photos!













mike tyson decided to show up with a friend.


these ones are from the carnival at the football field. nayou went crazy on the rides, especially the merry-go-rounds with cars. all the rides started very close to his bedtime, so by the end of the night he was one tired baby.






this was a really fun (and really dangerous) game for the adults. for twenty pesos (about $1.60USD) you get to choose three rocks to throw at the bottles. if you break one, you get a beer. if you break two, you get two beers. and if you break three, then you get a six pack! i sucked at it, but brenda scored pretty well. i don’t think you’d ever see this kind of thing in new zealand or america. its a lawyer’s wet dream. viva mexico!







someone commissioned napoleon dynamite for some of their stall art. great shading on the upper lip.


today i spent the afternoon playing with nayou in the yard. it was one of those perfect sayulita days where the temperature was just right. we had an awesome time playing with the hose and in the puddles left over from the freak rain yesterday.




and there’s this photo that i really like. i think i went a bit overboard with it in lightroom, but its still kinda nice.


including blogging, even surfing (unless the waves are really good) until brenda and i finish breaking dawn, the fourth and final book in the twilight series. our friend kris brought the first three books down for us when she came to visit over christmas. i started reading the books about five days ago and have raced through 1700+ pages already! we downloaded the last volume as an e-book and are spending every spare second glued to our laptops. i was dimly aware of the twilight phenomenon via the buzz about the movies, but dismissed it as teenage drivel. who would have thought that teenage drivel was so… addictive. awesome. un-put-downable. anyway, in response to many requests for more photos, i thought i would upload some from the last couple of days to keep everyone happy.


it rained for two straight days in sayulita. everyone was freaking out a little because it never usually rains for more than a couple of hours, especially not in february. we got crafty at home and made some fish out of paper and markers. we put paper clips on them and made a fishing rod with a magnet. nayou is obsessed (and i’m putting it mildly here) about fishing so this was a big hit. he’s been carrying out his tub of fish ever since!



everything cleared up by this morning so we jetted off to punta de mita to soak up some sun and splash around. being away from the sun for those two days was totally depressing. i’m not quite sure how i used to cope when we lived in seattle and wellington. i suppose there are more non-outdoor activities to do in those places. out here its the beach or bust!


P1010875ok back to the reading!!