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nayou has been obsessed with fishing lately. ever since he went fishing for the first time, he has developed a big love for the sport. usually we go once a day, sometimes two. we’ve made some fishing lines out of plastic bottles which have proven to be very sturdy and efficient.

our favourite place to go fishing is off the rocks at playa de los muertos. muertos, as the locals call it, is a small beach just around the point from sayulita. we never spent much time there during our first stay here, but this time its our go-to beach. its small, tranquil, and has a good amount of fish.


today we spent most of the day fishing and swimming at meurtos. we being our beach umbrella for shade onto the rocks, although it keeps on getting blown away by the wind and i have to jump in and get it. at least we got another photo for my sexy man calendar i’m putting together.

IMG_0407we also had a picnic! nothing like tostadas, salsa, avocado and watermelon on a hot sunny day.


we bought some shrimp from the local fish shop to use as bait, but the cunning fish ate them all up without getting hooked.


then some fishermen came by on their boat to catch some sardines for bait. brenda got their attention and they happily shared some of them with us. shortly after, brenda hooked a big fish! we don’t know what kind it is, but it has a lot of dense meat on it. its fish taco night at our house tonight (except for me… i’m sticking with the vegetarian options :))!

IMG_0432 IMG_0441-2