Daily Archives: January 20, 2012

last sunday our balinese friends took us up north to visit a temple. i’m hazy on the details, but there is some sort of custom where they build temples of varying sizes at places where two streams of water join. and/or where it wells up from the ground. something like that. the temple we went to is built over an underground well and is considered holy.

the temple was about half an hour by scooter from ubud. on the way we stopped to check out these amazing terraced paddies. one thing i love about bali – there is at least one moment every day when you are awed by nature.

of course the temple itself is gorgeous.

before going into the actual temple, we were required to bathe ourselves in the holy water that springs from the underground well. the water is potable and tastes really sweet. my skin felt smooth and soft after a quick dip! here is nayou making inappropriate faces before jumping into the holy water.

here is the heart of the temple. water wells up from below the altar pictured below. the energy of this place is very tranquil, very meditative.

i love all of the wood and stone work on this island. a lot of talented artists are getting busy around here!

we also saw vampire deer there. seriously. check out the fangs on this deer. they are a little hard to see, but that white thing sticking out of its mouth is a tooth. also, its eyes are unmistakably hungry for blood. human blood.