South Africa

its been a busy week for the three of us. while i’m holed up in the film studios, my better halves have gone to no less than two birthday parties this week. the first one was for this kid nash, who turned four. he is a big kid – big enough that people regularly mistake him for a seven year old! his party was at the aquarium.

in between the next party, brenda and nayou snuck off to the beach for a play in the sand. they went with marley and tyler, twins who nayou has been spending a lot of time with in cape town.

i only know secondhand, but the beaches here are gorgeous. white sand, blue waters (albeit feezing), and nice warm sun. i’m looking forward to getting acquainted with the beach once we wrap!

yesterday was the twins’ birthday. they chose to have their party on a pirate ship (awesome!).

the birthday trifecta will be completed this sunday with nayou turning five. we’re going to keep it mellow and have a small gathering at imhoff farm, which has a nice cafe, a play area and a snake park.

we’re ten days into our short sojourn in cape town. its both amazing and a bit tiring to be back in a big city again – on the one hand you get all these things like an access to healthy food, an aquarium, yoga studios, and good restaurants, but getting around is a pain and we are still getting used to all the noise at night. just a different mixture of good and bad i suppose!

here are some photos of our last days in swakopmund.

this is timo, one of the caretakers of our building.

and of course there was not one, but two last visits to the swakopmund snake museum.

the flight to cape town was like this:

luckily our digs in cape town are nice and roomy. we have no less than three bathrooms and two bedrooms, with a big wrap around balcony. unfortunately we can’t really use the balcony. we’re on the first floor so and there are lots of cars that pass through, making it noisy and not so clean. can’t complain though – most other people have a small single room! i also love that the place gets cleaned everyday and we climb into freshly made beds each night. i’m trying not to get too used to it though 😉

we saw this on our first day in cape town. apparently charlize’s mere presence is worthy of front page news.

now that we’re shooting in a studio i have become much busier than when we were in the desert. which means that my explorations of cape town have been rather limited, but brenda and nayou have been out and about snapping lots of photos. here are some from their excursion to a bird park. with bonus monkeys!

in what is becoming an ongoing trend, we met up with one of my high school friends sandra yesterday for brunch. so far i’ve seen old high school friends in australia, mexico, america, bali and now south africa. it wasn’t a big school at all (my class had ~30 people), but we are everywhere! the nice thing is that we all still get along really well. good stuff. here we’re trying to do hand signs for namibia and south africa… but not particularly well.

sandra also took some great family photos of us! its not often brenda and i are in photos together 🙂

two more weeks before we wrap! and less than one week before nayou turns five!

we’re safe and sound in cape town, and loving being in a cosmopolitan city. there is so much to see and do its a bit overwhelming! we’re laying low and staying pretty local as nayou and brenda are both sick. nayou is on the mend, but poor brenda is not feeling well at all. at least our apartment is roomy and comfortable.

the big news in our family is that nayou’s second tooth fell out yesterday. its became wobbly around the same time as the first one, and now its out. there is a large gap in nayou’s smile now, and it makes him look so much more like a young boy. excuse the horrible photo, but this was taken late at night when the poor guy was very tired.