our next stop was guadalajara, mexico’s second biggest city with over four million people. we could tell it was big because we got a bit lost finding our hotel, but once we did we were so happy! the place is called la villa del ensueno and it was super cute. lots of tile and nice colours, which was nice because the weather was all rainy and grey.

20130916_15 20130916_16 20130916_17



the hotel was about a ten minute walk to an area called tlaquepaque (t-la-ke-pa-ke, seriously).


we saw this dude on the corner along the way. brenda captured the moment in another of her gorgeous iphone snaps. some of these scenes remind me of paintings.


mexicans definitely know a thing or to about colour, especially when it comes to painting your house. these were all shot against someone’s concrete fence. they were somewhere along this road…


tlaquepaque is famous for its furniture and artisan stores which are made super accessible by a big wide pedestrian street. the area was a good mix of genuine artsyness and trendy design. we had a lot of fun just wandering in and out of shops and horsing around.

20130916_18 20130916_20


20130916_21 20130916_22

20130916_62 20130916_60

brenda got a new hat. nayou got to wear it 😉


all the stores had really interesting things for sale. i saw some amazing low wooden coffee tables that i’m still kind of lusting after, but forgot to take any photos…



20130916_12 20130916_34

there was a sergio bustamante gallery which was fun to visit.

20130916_04 20130916_11 20130916_59

i love this one bodie took. peep the doll peeking out from inside the newspaper:


we ate some grasshoppers at a funky restaurant with an amazing mural:

20130916_14 20130916_13 20130916_39

20130916_41 20130916_40

even the school buses are beautiful:


on saturday night we ate at a hipster shabby-chic restaurant. i wore my raggedy old t-shirt with holes all over it and no-one bat an eye. at least i was wearing close toe shoes.

20130916_01 20130916_02 20130916_03

we took turns taking photos of each other in tlaquepaque plaza:

20130916_08 20130916_09 20130916_28 20130916_29 20130916_30 20130916_31 20130916_32

the weather wasn’t so good, we were all kind of under the weather, but we had so much fun! it was exciting to be back in a big city again. visiting guadalajara was definitely the highlight of the trip for me.