here are some photos from the camping trip brenda and nayou went on two weeks ago. spitzkoppe is under two hours drive from swakopmund and i think is one of the highlights of this already beautiful country.

unfortunately i had to stay in swakop and work while they were gone but after seeing their photos i was supremely jealous. just look at this campsite!

brenda went with fiona and nataliya, who are both here with their husbands and kids for the movie. fiona’s son atticus is seven and nayou adores him. they are namibian bffs!

the kids had an amazing time climbing all over the rocks and exploring the area. the big mountains you see sticking up out of the ground are chunks of volcanic granite. they are very gritty and tend to crack off in layers (like an onion) due to the way they cooled.

of course the parents were chillaxing hardcore as well 🙂

the landscape makes it the perfect habitat for all kinds of animals, including gazillions of rock dassies and bird species.

they came back exhausted and happy. just the way a camping trip should end. we’ve now entered that mad rush period before the move as we sort out our plane tickets, clean the house, run the errands and pack our stuff. eleven more days until cape town!