Monthly Archives: January 2013

hola hola nuestros amigos! its been a long time, but we’re back. i wonder if anyone’s still actually reading this creaky old blog anymore, but i’m going to start posting again anyway. after an amazing, busy, family-and-friend filled six weeks in various and sundry locales we are back in sayulita for another round of beach bumming. much has happened since we left africa, but i’m going to save that for another post which may or may not happen. i may just have to upload some photos and let them speak for themselves.

we’ve been in sayulita for five days now and are starting to get back into the groove of things. nayou is super happy to be back at the beach, and we have been gorging ourselves on watermelon, mangoes and guacamole. we are going to be moving into our proper home next friday which is exciting. there is a whole story behind our accommodations which i will also save for another post, which will definitely happen. in the meantime, here are some photos (pitifully few, i know) we have taken since we arrived.

will post more, soon! i promise!