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there has been an explosion of interest in reading and writing in our house this past week. it all began when santa brought nayou a game called pop for letters. being the competitive little boy that he is, having the letters presented as a game pushed all the right buttons. we’ve been playing it daily since christmas and he has mastered most of the letters.

then a few days ago brenda found this thing at a pharmacy, and when nayou basically wrote out his name on it right there we didn’t think twice about putting into our shopping basket. since then we have been having loads of fun writing, reading and doing some math as well.

its interesting to see how learning naturally unfolds when the child is ready. i have to admit that when i used to see four year olds writing their names or reading simple words there was a part of me that wished nayou would do the same. our unschooling/hackschooling approach to nayou’s education requires a huge leap of faith (for me, at least) to let him figure things out independent of any benchmarks. this reading/writing thing is another confirmation that we are on the right track, especially since my attempts in the past to teach him the alphabet failed miserably when he showed absolutely no interest in it at all 🙂