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Its been almost six weeks since we left Mexico behind and hauled ourselves up north. Now that I’m back at work full time, its been hard to find the time to update the blog. In fact, I’m typing this at a noodle bar during my lunch break!

Our car has been super awesome. Vancouver still has a ways to go in terms of car share services and public transport outside of the downtown area, and it became clear to us early on that we were going to need wheels. Brenda stepped up to the challenge and spent many hours combing through ads on craigslist before finding our 2003 Honda CR-V. It is so much nicer to be able to get around in a car, especially north toward the mountains. There is a place called Rice lake which is about ten minutes drive from our house. Its so close, but the old growth forest you step into makes you feel like you are world away. The government stocks the lake with trout so there is plenty of fishing there as well!

IMG_6965 IMG_6970 IMG_6985 IMG_6988

You can start to see why people are nature lovers out here. And speaking of wheels, Nayou got himself a bike! Check out his mad hipster steez:

IMG_6591 IMG_6614 IMG_6669

Another reason for the long interval between posts was the fact that I went down to LA for two weeks. Because Sony’s Vancouver office is a satellite office, it can be hard for newcomers like myself to get going. So they flew me down for some training which was super fun. I met all the people I am working with, plus got all of the political and historical gossip I needed to function properly up here. I stayed in a historic hotel about five minutes walk from work, with a cinema next door and a yoga studio steps away. Not to mention a gazillion restaurants all over the place. Needless to say, I was pretty happy! I got a chance to see a fair bit of Aya and Ryan, although we were horrible Japanese people and took pitifully few photos. Our ancestors would be ashamed. We did manage to take one at a concert at the Hollywood Bowl though!


While I was in LA, Brenda and Nayou took the new car for a spin down to Seattle. It takes about three hours each way including the time spent at the border, which isn’t too bad. The last time we were all there in January Nayou and his cousin Penelope bonded really fast, and this they were inseparable as well. Its so cool to see the cousins getting along well. One of the main motivations for sticking along the west coast was to be closer to family and it makes me happy to see it paying dividends already.

IMG_6701 IMG_6722 IMG_6734 IMG_6746 IMG_6756 IMG_6773 IMG_6780 IMG_6805 IMG_6820

IMG_6828Here is Nayou attacking a ginormous plate of pancakes at the Coastal Kitchen in Seattle. I remember back in the days when Brenda and I had first started dating we would go there for brunch often. Kind of cool to see Nayou chowing down there now.


Speaking of ginormous plates, one of the things I have noticed about Vancouver is that their portion sizes are huge! In Mexico they are big but still small enough that Brenda and I would usually order a main dish each. But up here it makes more sense to share and even then I still end up full!

Another bonus about being in Canada – a working postal service! Thanks to Kiki and grandma who have been sending care packages up to us. Nayou loves getting them 🙂

IMG_6940 IMG_7016

Here are some other photos to finish up.

IMG_7003 IMG_7006 IMG_7052IMG_6587 IMG_6636 IMG_6650IMG_6959


nayou got his locks chopped off today and is looking very cute and boyish. the funny thing about vancouver is that so many people think he is a girl. everyone – from the bus drivers to the kids in the playground – refer to nayou as “she” and brenda and i can’t figure out why. sure he has a pretty face, but his demeanour and clothes are definitely boyish. in any case, no-one is going to be mistaking him for a girl now!

20131006_04 20131006_05


it was a gorgeous sunny sunday in vancouver today, so we had a leisurely stroll to our local cafe,  followed by a ferry ride over to north vancouver.


there is an indoor market there which has loads of things for kids, including a barber and an ikea stye ball room. nayou spent the whole day running around with other kids and came home happy and exhausted. as did brenda and myself!



we have been slack on the photo taking front, but are getting into the groove of life here. on saturday we bought a car (2003 honda crv) which we are picking up on tuesday! we thought we may be able to get away with using a car share service like we did in sydney, but unfortunately they aren’t as convenient. sydney really did get the car share thing right. having wheels opens up a whole slew of things for us, including jaunts up to the mountains, fishing lakes, and of course trips to seattle and beyond!