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two weekends ago we were in whistler. then last weekend we drove down to seattle to see nayou’s aunt, uncle and cousins. well, the main reason we went down was because brenda and nayou were flying to san francisco, and it was way cheaper to fly domestic than from vancouver. but getting to spend time with angel, heidi, penelope and paloma is always a bonus as well. we barely saw nayou after we walked in the door as he was pretty much glued to penelope the whole time.

20131114_03 the weekend flew by quickly and before i knew it i was bidding adieu to my family as they embarked on a three week journey to see various members of the diaz family. thank god for modern technology because i think i would go crazy missing them without it. i’m enjoying my temporary bachelorhood, but life is definitely a little less full without brenda and nayou around!

the two of them are having fun in san francisco. the chimbies, as the twins are now known, have grown up so much! i’m glad nayou is getting quality time with lots of his cousins. being able to do these kinds of visits is a big reason why we chose to move to vancouver 🙂

20131114_04 20131114_05

i can’t believe how big nayou is compared to these eleven month olds! it seems like he was that little only a short while ago 🙂

20131114_06 20131114_07 20131114_08


last weekend we hopped in our trusty honda and made our way up north to whistler mountain. a couple of friends from sayulita live up there so we took them up on their invite for a visit. it took us less than two hours to get up there, but it felt like a world away. the air was crisp, the snow line was creeping down and the area had that quiet, mountain calm about it.

nayou has been excited about having a snowball fight, but unfortunately there wasn’t quite enough for a full on battle. we still made some and threw them around though!

20131108_02 20131108_03

nayou had loads of fun with the little bits of ice and snow that was around. i can’t wait until the winter when we can play all sorts of games in piles of snow. this will be our first winter in over four years… and nayou’s first snowy one. can’t wait!


it was a gorgeous sunny day on sunday so we went for a hike around lost lake. maybe its because we’ve been in beach-y areas for so long but i am loving big old trees and the peaks and valleys. its pretty easy to be blown away by the nature around here.



it was good to see our friends again too. having a ready made group of friends in the area has been a big plus for us settling in. especially ones as cool as these! bex is a kiwi that we met on the beach in sayulita way back in 2010. she’s been living up in whistler for the last five years. and vasant is a physiotherapist who we spent some time with in mexico earlier this year. he has done some work with brenda and her knee with amazing results. he is a bit of a wizard when it comes to fixing bodies!

20131108_06 20131108_10


as a matter of course we busted out the fishing gear!

20131108_07 20131108_08

and i flashed some skin:


we have another adventure coming up this weekend as we travel to seattle. watch this space for an update!

this year was the first halloween that nayou really got into. it has never been a big thing in my family so i’ve never really paid it much attention, but here in vancouver people get really jazzed up. brenda found him a super dinosaur costume on the day and nayou voluntarily wore it the whole night. he’s usually notorious for not wanting to dress up, but not when there is free candy to be had! he went around the neighbourhood with some local kids and collected loads and loads of loot!


going as a dinosaur was a win because its pretty chilly at night these days. i felt bad for all the wonder women, princesses and tarzans out there!

there is a road called trinity street that is one over from ours which is famous for their outrageous halloween and christmas decorations. apparently its an unwritten rule that you have to decorate your house for christmas and that if you don’t do it your neighbours will do it for you. crazy! we pretty much canvassed the entire length of trinity st. and it did not disappoint. there were lots of makeshift graveyards, smoke machines, fireworks and even an inflatable animatronic cat. it was pretty dark out there so our photos didn’t turn out, but trust me when i say it was cool 🙂


here is nayou counting out his treasures. he was a good sport about only keeping the candy that he really wanted to eat and letting me unleash the rest on the rabid packs of artists at work. i hope everyone had a happy halloween!