Daily Archives: January 11, 2012

life has settled into a nice groove here in ubud. we’ve started to make friends, get into a routine and become familiar with the nooks and crannies of the city. weird to think that we’ve already been here for over a month! brenda and i have taken tons of video and i’ve been meaning to edit it into something coherent, but once again the number of files makes it a little overwhelming so here is a montage of video from our first two weeks here.

i also had intentions of making a long post about our visit to the green school, which is this fantastic eco-minded international school 20 minutes out of ubud. the whole campus is made of amazing bamboo structures, designed and built by ibuku – a company specifically set up for the green school. ibuku also designed the houses in the green village, an eco village right next to the green school (see a theme devleoping here?). we took a lot of photos but once again i am overwhelmed so here is a video from our visit.

and, finally, check out this guy climbing the coconut trees just outside our house. no ropes, no safety nets, just sheer monkey power. this was the second tree i saw him climb that day. lord knows how many he goes up on a daily basis. in general the people here are very physically fit. you see men and women who must be in the their 60s and 70s carrying huge loads, working in the rice paddies etc. its a testament to the benefits of regular exercise! this coconut climber was probably 40-something! he was kind enough to give nayou and i a coconut, and boy it was gooooooood!