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while its amazing to be living in a country with a functioning postal system, i have to say that the canadian post is not exactly the speediest service around. several packages we have sent have arrived late, and for christmas this year many of the packages that people had sent to us also arrived late. for the holidays this is kind of good thing though, as it spreads the gifts out so we have time to appreciate them a little more.

this afternoon a package from aunty hana arrived with two fishing related lego sets. one of them is a rare one that we had watched a video for and lusted after. nayou is busily building in the living room as i type, and he wanted me to share this video with you all. disclaimer: there is a random justin bieber reference in there, and i have no idea where it came from.

Its been almost six weeks since we left Mexico behind and hauled ourselves up north. Now that I’m back at work full time, its been hard to find the time to update the blog. In fact, I’m typing this at a noodle bar during my lunch break!

Our car has been super awesome. Vancouver still has a ways to go in terms of car share services and public transport outside of the downtown area, and it became clear to us early on that we were going to need wheels. Brenda stepped up to the challenge and spent many hours combing through ads on craigslist before finding our 2003 Honda CR-V. It is so much nicer to be able to get around in a car, especially north toward the mountains. There is a place called Rice lake which is about ten minutes drive from our house. Its so close, but the old growth forest you step into makes you feel like you are world away. The government stocks the lake with trout so there is plenty of fishing there as well!

IMG_6965 IMG_6970 IMG_6985 IMG_6988

You can start to see why people are nature lovers out here. And speaking of wheels, Nayou got himself a bike! Check out his mad hipster steez:

IMG_6591 IMG_6614 IMG_6669

Another reason for the long interval between posts was the fact that I went down to LA for two weeks. Because Sony’s Vancouver office is a satellite office, it can be hard for newcomers like myself to get going. So they flew me down for some training which was super fun. I met all the people I am working with, plus got all of the political and historical gossip I needed to function properly up here. I stayed in a historic hotel about five minutes walk from work, with a cinema next door and a yoga studio steps away. Not to mention a gazillion restaurants all over the place. Needless to say, I was pretty happy! I got a chance to see a fair bit of Aya and Ryan, although we were horrible Japanese people and took pitifully few photos. Our ancestors would be ashamed. We did manage to take one at a concert at the Hollywood Bowl though!


While I was in LA, Brenda and Nayou took the new car for a spin down to Seattle. It takes about three hours each way including the time spent at the border, which isn’t too bad. The last time we were all there in January Nayou and his cousin Penelope bonded really fast, and this they were inseparable as well. Its so cool to see the cousins getting along well. One of the main motivations for sticking along the west coast was to be closer to family and it makes me happy to see it paying dividends already.

IMG_6701 IMG_6722 IMG_6734 IMG_6746 IMG_6756 IMG_6773 IMG_6780 IMG_6805 IMG_6820

IMG_6828Here is Nayou attacking a ginormous plate of pancakes at the Coastal Kitchen in Seattle. I remember back in the days when Brenda and I had first started dating we would go there for brunch often. Kind of cool to see Nayou chowing down there now.


Speaking of ginormous plates, one of the things I have noticed about Vancouver is that their portion sizes are huge! In Mexico they are big but still small enough that Brenda and I would usually order a main dish each. But up here it makes more sense to share and even then I still end up full!

Another bonus about being in Canada – a working postal service! Thanks to Kiki and grandma who have been sending care packages up to us. Nayou loves getting them 🙂

IMG_6940 IMG_7016

Here are some other photos to finish up.

IMG_7003 IMG_7006 IMG_7052IMG_6587 IMG_6636 IMG_6650IMG_6959


so i think i’ve mentioned a couple of times that nayou is currently obsessed with fishing. he’s going to continue his love of the sport in vancouver, but brenda and i really wanted to give him a chance to go out on a proper fishing trip in sayulita before we left.

unfortunately the fishing boats charge an arm and a leg. fortunately our friend jorge is possibly just as obsessed with fishing as nayou. brenda called jorge yesterday and organised an outing on his kayak to go find some fish. nayou was sooo excited, its all he talked about all afternoon. he got his “fish pack” ready with all of his gear and sprung out of bed like a wild man at 7.30 this morning. the two men ventured out into rough-ish seas and came back with this:


wow! apparently nayou got sea sick and threw up on the ocean, but even that didn’t phase him in the face of such an awesome catch. we’re having a farewell party at a restaurant tonight so guess whats on the menu??

nayou has been obsessed with fishing lately. ever since he went fishing for the first time, he has developed a big love for the sport. usually we go once a day, sometimes two. we’ve made some fishing lines out of plastic bottles which have proven to be very sturdy and efficient.

our favourite place to go fishing is off the rocks at playa de los muertos. muertos, as the locals call it, is a small beach just around the point from sayulita. we never spent much time there during our first stay here, but this time its our go-to beach. its small, tranquil, and has a good amount of fish.


today we spent most of the day fishing and swimming at meurtos. we being our beach umbrella for shade onto the rocks, although it keeps on getting blown away by the wind and i have to jump in and get it. at least we got another photo for my sexy man calendar i’m putting together.

IMG_0407we also had a picnic! nothing like tostadas, salsa, avocado and watermelon on a hot sunny day.


we bought some shrimp from the local fish shop to use as bait, but the cunning fish ate them all up without getting hooked.


then some fishermen came by on their boat to catch some sardines for bait. brenda got their attention and they happily shared some of them with us. shortly after, brenda hooked a big fish! we don’t know what kind it is, but it has a lot of dense meat on it. its fish taco night at our house tonight (except for me… i’m sticking with the vegetarian options :))!

IMG_0432 IMG_0441-2

this is going to be another post of bits and pieces. its easy to leave the camera behind these days when you leave the house with a surfboard, a boogie board and a myriad other things. but now that brenda is taking her ipod touch out and about we have many more photos of the goings on. first off, a couple of shots from our other home, the beach.




my friend nick, whom i met at a yoga class, turned out to be an acroyogi and so he showed me some moves on the sand. he’s going to do a workshop at the end of march so we’re going to put a routine together to demo to the participants. its super fun stuff, but strong!






and speaking of yoga, here is one of the studios where i teach. its a beautiful, calm space. love it!


brenda and nayou took a fishing lesson from our friend jorge earlier this week. they just fished from the beach, learning about the rods, tackle and other fishy stuff. brenda managed to catch a snook (love the name), which apparently is a very wily difficult fish to catch. check out how big it is!






ever wondered what nayou would look like as a rasta? wonder no more.


nothing like some ice cream on a hot sunny day.


to finish off, here is some video taken fresh today of nayou explaining how one of this lego creations work. enjoy!