stockholm syndrome

many moons ago (well, about a month, so just one moon), we got some cat traps from the local animal shelter and caught some of the neighbourhood cats. brenda had noticed that there were a fair number of them skulking around our corner of sayulita, and none of them were neutered. we managed to nab two of them and got them them successfully fixed.

one of them is a gorgeous white/grey cat with piercing blue eyes. we call her saphira. she has attached herself to us and hangs outside (and now inside) our house all day long. she is an amazing hunter and is part of our cracker team of chickens and felines keeping the scorpions, cockroaches, and rats at bay.



and meet the other half of the duo – rock lover. that’s the grey/white cat you see behind saphira in the photo below. rock lover (named by nayou) is another cat who has decided to call our home his home. she hasn’t been neutered yet, but we’re trapping her next week. but no matter, we’re pretty sure she’ll be back!

nayou decided to call her rock lover because her grey colour looks like a rock, and she is friendly and loves a good cuddle.


IMG_4340they are pretty much our cats now, and we’ve noticed a couple of others lurking around as well. we’re turning into the cat haven! i suppose it doesn’t help that we feed saphira and rock lover breakfast and dinner every day either 🙂 i forgot about how low maintenance cats are – they just kind of hang around and meow at us when they are hungry. its nice to have the company!