Daily Archives: August 13, 2013

sayulita is a town made up of a rag-tag bunch of pirates from literally every walk of life. there are writers, artists, athletes, professors, healers, millionaire moguls, you name it. for example, our friend and neighbour risa is an accomplished surf instructor and a film maker. last week i met the guy who came up with the idea of “21 jump street” and “the a-team“. i’ve also had the opportunity to hang out with anne menke a while back. they all call sayulita home.

the upshot of having such a large amount of diversity is that trading skills becomes a way of life. i’ve traded yoga classes for massages, logo design for photo shoots and technical help for good karma. brenda, who has blossomed into a talented seamstress, has been making very cute beach dresses and the ladies in sayulita have taken notice.

one of these ladies is our friend rebecca, hair stylist extraordinaire with almost three decades of experience. she cut our hair in exchange for brenda making her a dress. nayou and i were both looking pretty feral these days, having not had our hair cut since cape town… possibly even before!

nayou really likes rebecca. and rebecca really likes nayou. its a regular love fest when those two are together.


we set up a makeshift salon in our back patio. it was very nice to have an outdoor haircut with good music and good conversation. nayou was the first to get shorn and he looks super cute. the back of his neck was getting super sweaty in the swelter of summer, but now its free and he seems much more comfortable. here he is BC (before cut):

IMG_0345 IMG_0346

and AC:


after that it was my turn. check out my mullet. i know this is considered hip in some parts of the world, but its not for me.



and here i am on the other side. its pretty much the same cut i had before the cut, just shorter. its so similar, in fact, that most of my friends haven’t even noticed i got a cut!


rebecca didn’t have time to get to brenda, but the men of the family are looking much more respectable now. thanks rebecca!