Daily Archives: August 20, 2013

yesterday we spent the morning at tierra luz, an eco-community just outside sayulita. our friends jess and alyssa plus their son atticus are the managers of the community. they invited us to come and pick some cucumbers they had planted as part of their food forest. we found some gigantic ones hiding under the vines – and they only planted the seeds a month ago! everything thrives with the rain and the heat!

IMG_4685 IMG_4695 IMG_4715

after our cucumber plundering, we all went back to our house where alyssa made nayou this palm frond crown. nayou kind of looks like a young jesus…

IMG_4722 IMG_4727 IMG_4728

the partay continued with dinner at another friend’s house. miranda is house sitting a gorgeous place on the outskirts of town, and we got to hang out in the jungle for a little bit. its so nice to be out in nature because everything is so lush!