Daily Archives: August 28, 2013

following our all day splash in los arroyos verdes, nayou and i came down with something weird. nayou had a pretty high fever, and i had a weird feeling deep in my sinuses. the water in the pool wasn’t that clean and both of us spent a lot of time in it so i suspect there was something in there that our bodies did not like very much. poor nayou was wrapped up in blankets on the couch and kept on dozing off. you know something is wrong with the poor guy when he falls asleep spontaneously!

20130828_02 20130828_03luckily we recovered just in time for our dear friend bodie to come down for a visit. he’s here for a whole two weeks, which is amazing! we are planning all kinds of adventures, including a week long road trip starting next monday 🙂

20130828_05bodie was a gracious mule, and hauled over a kilo of chocolate (thanks aunty aya!), an unexpectedly large ergonomic keyboard, a star wars lunchbox and a toy lightsaber (thanks again aunty aya!). we are all in seventh heaven right now with our new toys. nayou has packed all of his fishing gear into the lunchbox, which he refers to as his “fish pack”. he is one happy (and healthy) camper indeed!