rainy days

its been cloudy and rainy here for the last few days – very unusual for sayulita. i bet the plants are loving it though as we haven’t had any in well over a month. the fact that everything stayed lush and green is a testament to the hardiness of the flora around here.

rain is a bit of a bummer for us here. since the beach is a primary (and pretty much sole) source of entertainment, we are forced to get creative with our activities when it gets wet. we took a drive out to this piece of land we are thinking about buying to see if the soil drained well (it does). the land is beautiful and very peaceful, but there are many factors that are preventing us from taking the plunge and buying it. i’m going to save that story for another post later.

our expedition required some improvised raincoats and turning out huge sunbrella into shelter for all of us.






on our way back to the car brenda stumbled upon this skeleton. at first we thought it was a fish but we looked at its teeth and decided it wasn’t. we still don’t know what it might be, but whatever it is, it looks pretty freaky. any ideas anyone?


and since we were looking so hot we decided to parade ourselves around town for a while before heading home for our siesta.


today nayou came down with a cold. we were afraid it might have been the big D but we took him to the doctor and he said it wasn’t. phew. he has a bit of a fever and a nasty chest cough though. poor little guy. its weird to see him stay in one place for long periods of time and be kind of floppy when you pick him up. there’s nothing sadder than seeing your child like that. please send your healing vibes his way!