Daily Archives: December 18, 2009

dear friends and family, we have been in sayulita for over 4 months now and have been so impressed with the way that the animals are taken care of here. Happily, they have a wonderful clinic called Sayulita Animals that was launched this year and has been providing service to Sayullita by way of free spay and neutering programs, as well as so many other services like an animal fostering program, free animal care to those that can’t afford to pay, advice, kindess, and love to all the people and little critters that come through their door.


But as with any organization, there are stresses for fundraising, animal care, and being spread too thin for the unending work to be done. Within this last week, one of the original founders of the clinic Tamara gave her resignation, AND the two very lovely and compasionate vets – Marco and Paola – also gave their resignation.

I have been touched and saddened by the news as their work has really made a difference to this town (and especially to us via Rocky). They have done an out standing job and made a HUGE difference for the animals and people that live here.  So if you would like to learn more. Or if this story has touched you, like it has us, please help in any way you can! We all belong to one world community and we can all make a difference together.

Also, if you can please take a moment to send your thoughts, good vibes and healing energy to the animals here in sayulita and the wonderful people of the clinic, I’m sure that the universe will listen and provide.

thanks everyone for taking the time to read my first post from Mexico! 🙂 And please keep sending your comments as we enjoy reading them. Much love, Mama-b