Daily Archives: December 11, 2009

its been a roller coaster of a ride over the last couple of days. so many things happened at once that i felt like we were in the middle of a soap opera. well, not really, since only two of the things were bad. the rest are great.

the first bad thing was nayou getting sick. i mentioned this at the end of my last post but since then he developed a nasty smokers cough that is still lingering. luckily he is on the mend thanks to brenda’s amazing home remedies. the mexican families think we are crazy for not giving him antibiotics, but he got better in the same amount of time using old wives’ remedies like this, and this. its been hard to watch nayou so needy and cranky, but i think he does better than me when it comes to putting on a brave face when sick. we’re hoping that he’ll be all smiles again when he wakes up tomorrow!



the other bad thing was that rocky got stolen. yes, stolen. over the past week we have been going surfing at punta de mita, which has an amazing wave that just goes on forever. it is brenda and my new favourite surf spot. two days ago we were hanging out there with rocky and we couldn’t find him when it was time to leave. we figured he would eventually make his way back to our spot on the beach, so we talked to the waiters at the restaurants there and decided to come back later. he was still missing that afternoon so we started asking the local surfers if they had seen anything. sure enough one of the guys said he saw a kid leading rocky by the collar up into the residential area. the guy lead me to the house but no-one was home. so we had to drive back there a third time that evening (20 minutes each way) to see if we could find rocky. we were greeted by this shady man who acknowledged that his “step-son” had taken the dog, but that the step-son lived four hours away and took the dog with him. it was all lies of course, but he promised to have the dog back the next day so we gave him the benefit of the doubt.

just because we were worried that the guy wouldn’t come through, the next morning we talked to the police in sayulita who said that they could intervene if need be. yay. we decided to see if rocky would be returned as promised or bring lots of trouble instead. luckily for that family they had rocky, who was very tired but otherwise fine. the kid tried to spin a story about how rocky followed him home, which is unfortunate since three other people told us they saw him pulling him by the collar. we also found out that the kid lives right in town and not four hours away. i guess with role models like that… which is a pity because the kid had a really nice face and eyes. hope he turns out ok! we’re not quite sure why he did it – our neighbours think he was after money, which is most likely, but maybe he just wanted a cute friendly dog? we didn’t really hang around long enough to find out, although brenda gave him a piece of her mind before we left 🙂

our pod has been happily reunited for the last day or so. i think this incident made us realise how much we love this dog. he is a super sweetie and fun to be around, except maybe when he gets excited and nips at you. but that will go away as he gets older (he’s only nine months old). we’ve been giving him extra loving and are very careful about keeping an eye out when we take him out.


so these stories have or are on their way to a happy ending. there have been other awesome happenings as well. first and foremost the swell has been amazing. i’ve been surfing so much that my body practically shut down from fatigue today. i’ve decided to exercise some self-restraint and take a day off tomorrow, even though the waves are supposed to be amazing. my shoulders might fall off otherwise! as i said earlier we’ve been surfing at punta de mita which is just perfect for longboards. the rides are so long that your legs get tired! the swell in sayulita has been big – like 4-5m (13-16ft.) – which is kinda scary. i went out yesterday to check things out and caught the biggest wave or my life! it was so scary and exhilarating at the same time. you feel like a total rockstar afterwards. but paddling out in surf that big is a chore, and i much prefer the cruisy waves at punta de mita.

another thing that has been fun about surfing punta de mita – partners in crime. earlier this week brenda bumped into matt and susan outside our house and got to talking. it turns out that they are both yoga teachers from san francisco who love to surf. they are really cool, positive people that are a pleasure to be around. their yoga classes also have a lot of similarities with mine, so its been interesting swapping stories with them. matt and susan were with us when rocky got stolen and were kind enough to come and help look for him when we went back. thanks guys! unfortunately they leave on sunday, but that means there’s still one more day of surfing left (except for me… boo-hoo)!


and here is the cute shot of the day to wrap things up. its time for this tired man to get his ass to bed.