bits and pieces

blogging in the diaz-tanimura household happens around 1pm when nayou goes down for his nap, or after 8.30pm, after he’s out for the night. the problem with both of these times is that they usually come directly after surfing and eating, after which i am in no mood to write anything. in fact, i’m usually fast asleep next to nayou! we’ve been having a string of great surf days lately. not only have the waves been awesome, but we’ve also been lucky enough to get clicked into some of the other surf spots around sayulita. yesterday we discovered an amazing break that goes on forever! we woke up this morning excited to go back only to be greeted by drizzling rain. oh well. its good to have a day of rest to catch up on email and blog and stuff. otherwise we’d be doing this:


the day after rocky got snipped, we woke up to discover that his balls had grown back! actually the cut got inflamed and now he has a nasty infection. poor guy. he has to wear one of those silly dog cones to stop him from licking them. the cut has opened up and it looks really bad. he’s got an appointment with the vet tomorrow but for now the antibiotics and the anti-inflammatory pills are making sure he’s ok. at least he’s still got energy and an appetite. send your well wishes his way please!

nayou’s been really into towels and blankets lately. this morning on our way to the grocery store our bathmat kept him nice and cosy. and yes, the mat is clean – we forgot it at the laundromat!


in addition to lots of surfing, we have been around a lot of kids’ birthdays lately. one thing we’ve come to realise about mexican culture is that they love their birthday parties. in new zealand (or at least wellington), everyone loves to get dressed up in costumes. in mexico (or at least sayulita), birthdays are the thing. one of nayou’s friends perla had her shindig last night and what a production it was! huge cake? check. multiple pinatas? check. unholy quantities of amazing food? check. dancing competition to reggaeton? check check and check.






and speaking of birthdays, nayou is turning two in just over 48 hours. brenda and i were planning on being super low-key and not doing a party at all, but after seeing the extravaganza that the people here put on we decided to invite two of his close friends over for a small gathering. its still a bit hard to believe that our son is almost two… i was marvelling the other day at how much better he is communicating. we can have conversations now and actually “get” each other which is so cool!


i think i’ve mentioned nayou’s bff in sayulita – saul. he is the kid who lives next door and his morning visits are what nayou looks forward to most. as soon as he wakes up he starts asking for saul, and his attachment to him grows daily. this morning he went and dragged him over to our house by his hand. very cute. saul is so good natured and a pleasure to have around. although we can hear him throwing temper tantrums next door on a daily basis so i think he’s on his best behaviour at our casa.


something else nayou and i have been into lately – taking cheesy facebook profile pictures. ok maybe that’s actually just my thing but i drag him along anyway. my favourite is the last sexy cleavage shot. i’m sure you all agree.




that’s about all the happenings to report for now. oh, except one thing – post-production on the movie i’ve been slaving away on for the last two years have finally wrapped. i bailed out on the last three months of the project to hang out in sayulita, but i still feel a sense of relief. especially for all the wetans who stayed through until the end. congratulations everyone! the film comes out on december 18th. go see it!