Daily Archives: November 8, 2009

when we first moved to sayulita we were amazed at the number of doggies running around town. we assumed they were homeless, but over the course of our stay here we have found out that many of them have owners. i use the term owner in the loosest sense of the word, but at least there is someone keeping an eye out for them.

one of them, who happens to be brenda’s favourite beach doggie, has mange. its been getting progressively worse over the last few weeks so brenda made the executive decision to take him home. he’s been with us for three days now and he’s already doing so much better! the doggie was named “rocky” by the people at the animal clinic. thank god we didn’t have to name him or it would have been the end of his beach days! rocky is really mellow and very easy to take care of. there’s no crying, no peeing or crapping on the porch, and he’s learning not to come into the house (sort of). yet another amazing doggie that we would keep in a heartbeat if we only knew what our plans were!



other than expanding our family, things have been going great. brenda and i are getting better at surfing, and are pretty much completely addicted. when you have one of those great days where the waves are just perfect it feel so good! it makes you feel so lucky to be alive. no wonder why people travel all over the world looking for waves!

we’ve been going to be beach every day for just about three months now and it just doesn’t get old. its great for everyone because we usually run into some friends (or make some new ones!), and nayou amuses himself with all the other kids. even on the days when nayou is driving us crazy, we know we can go to the beach and it will be all ok.





one of nayou’s favourite things to do at the beach is to make a “baño”. for those of you coming at christmas – start getting your biceps in shape because you’re going to be doing a lot of digging!


and while we’re at home, nayou gets up to mischief with our neighbour’s son saul. its good to have an older kid around, especially because saul is a pretty good sharer and nayou needs a good example to follow!