the happenings

now that the summer heatwave (and i’m being modest here) has passed, the weather in sayulita is just awesome. its sunny every day – just hot enough to lure you into the water – and in the evenings its nice and cool. plus the swell has been getting bigger and more consistent, which puts brenda and myself in paradise. a paradise with dengue, but a paradise nonetheless. a little bit of danger is the spice of life.

today is our three month anniversary in sayulita. its gone by in a big blur, but one thing i can say for sure is that we really like it here. as we do with every place we go, brenda and i have been casting an eye around for land where we could build an earthship. sayulita is the first place where i’ve felt that a project like this would be feasible for us – we could build one without going into huge amounts of debt, there is much less red tape with regards to zoning, and its an amazing climate to grow all kinds of food. not that we’ve made a decision one way or another – if its meant to be, the right land will show up – but it sure would be awesome to have a house here!

the other day our friend miguel showed us some land and also took us to all the gorgeous beaches in the area. there is one beach called litibu which is just stunning:



our day-to-day activities have stayed exactly the same since arrived, which means three months of beach, beach, beach. nayou is getting really comfortable in the ocean, thanks in a big part to the swimming lessons we have him enrolled in. he used to be really afraid of being on his back in the water, but now doesn’t mind it. he loves to kick his legs and do “open close” with his arms as well. he’s got a long way before he can propel himself in the water but he gets lots of style points!


this morning we said (a temporary) goodbye to our friends dmitri and heidi and their kids noah and naomi. the four of them arrived in sayulita within days of us and are pretty much doing the same thing that we are. they left for three weeks to attend a wedding in hawaii and for an ironman competition in arizona that dmitri is doing (yeah, they have it rough). nayou adores dmitri and heidi so he’s going to miss them tons, but at least we got to have one final dinner with them. we ate at  a restaurant that *might* have better burritos than burritos revolucion. it feels like blasphemy saying that… i guess we’ll just have to keep on eating them until we know!



and here are some other random cute shots of nayou.