Daily Archives: October 7, 2013

nayou got his locks chopped off today and is looking very cute and boyish. the funny thing about vancouver is that so many people think he is a girl. everyone – from the bus drivers to the kids in the playground – refer to nayou as “she” and brenda and i can’t figure out why. sure he has a pretty face, but his demeanour and clothes are definitely boyish. in any case, no-one is going to be mistaking him for a girl now!

20131006_04 20131006_05


it was a gorgeous sunny sunday in vancouver today, so we had a leisurely stroll to our local cafe,  followed by a ferry ride over to north vancouver.


there is an indoor market there which has loads of things for kids, including a barber and an ikea stye ball room. nayou spent the whole day running around with other kids and came home happy and exhausted. as did brenda and myself!



we have been slack on the photo taking front, but are getting into the groove of life here. on saturday we bought a car (2003 honda crv) which we are picking up on tuesday! we thought we may be able to get away with using a car share service like we did in sydney, but unfortunately they aren’t as convenient. sydney really did get the car share thing right. having wheels opens up a whole slew of things for us, including jaunts up to the mountains, fishing lakes, and of course trips to seattle and beyond!