its hard to believe, but we have two more days in namibia. our arrival way back in may seems so distant, yet at the same time our seven months here is all a bit of a blur. its been an amazing experience to come out here and experience life on the skeleton coast. and i’ve also learned so much about the realities of shooting a movie. its a totally different view when you’re just on the post-production side of things.

the small town pace of life has been good for our little family. nayou has done some serious growing up here, mostly all by himself – no more wetting the bed, no more pacifier, a burgeoning interest in snakes and geology, not to mention a big leap in his physical strength and coordination. go nayou! plus he’s made some good friends, both children and adults. we’ll definitely miss living here, and i’m not just talking about the free rent 🙂

for our last foray into the namibian landscape we spent a night at the erongo wilderness lodge, about three hours drive inland from swakopmund.

look at these super mario clouds!

nayou got to drive along the gravel road leading to the lodge:

the lodge is a small eco-resort nestled amidst massive granite hills. you get to stay in a luxury tent, which is something that brenda has been dreaming about for a long time. see if you can spot the tents in this photo:

this is the walkway to our tent:

we arrived in the early afternoon and it was hot hot hot. too hot to do anything except hang out by the pool and take a siesta. once the sun went down we joined some of the other guests for a sunset hike up a nearby hill. the views, as expected, were stunning. i’m going to miss the wide open landscape of namibia!

we snuck in a quick morning hike in before we headed back to swakopmund. even though we only got away for a night, it felt like a restful holiday. i do wish we had a couple of days to spend there though – there is a lot to explore, and the lodge is very conducive to just sitting around and relaxing.

check out this tree growing out of the side of a rock! nature is like, woah, dude.

on thursday afternoon we head to cape town where we will be based for about three weeks. its back to hotel living for a bit before our next adventure begins.

see you later, namibia. its been real!