catching up

its been nice being back in our old neighbourhood again. we bump into familiar faces daily, and i’ve enjoyed seeing how much each kings cross kid has grown in the three months we have been gone.

our new friend this time around is sugar, the cat we are taking care of. in fact, sugar is the whole reason why we are house sitting for hugh and lissa in the first place. sugar was a bit shy for the first few days but now he loves to hang out with us. he is by far the fluffiest cat i have ever seen.

today it was rainy so i took nayou and his friend ollie to the australian museum. ollie is a super mellow, funny kid and nayou gets along tremendously with him. it was so funny watching them interact. being able to communicate in-depth allowed nayou to role play and organise/compromise/discuss a lot (as opposed to bali where verbal communication doesn’t work as well). i basically followed them around with a camera all day filming their antics.