Daily Archives: February 23, 2012

last sunday a large contingent of us took a trip out to sanur, a beach town on the south east coast of bali. while not as nice as white sand beach, sanur has super calm warm waters to swim in which is good for the kids. plus the water is shallow which is a bonus. another nice thing about sanur is that there is shade! we still ended up spending most of the day in the sun though. brenda is now several shades darker than she was last week.

the boys spent most of the day hunting for crabs, mini starfish and sea urchins, which are all over the place. but the best find of the day came from brenda, who stumbled upon a gigantic orange starfish with big knobbly bits all over it. it actually looked a bit like a plastic toy. as you can see, lots of fun was had with our new friend 🙂

we have one more week left in bali! this time next week we’re going to be touching down in sydney airport. crazy…