what we get up to

we’ve been having a grand old time this past week, despite me still catching up on sleep and getting over the obligatory post-movie cold. brenda has been amazing getting me back to my normal energy levels. i’m still a bit sniffly but i can tell that i’m going to feel amazing tomorrow. yippee!

here are some recent snaps.

i started drinking coffee again during the tough times at dr. d. now i’m completely hooked again. it doesn’t help that the best cafe in kings cross is close by. and run by some friends of ours.

an impromptu bath outside (the neighbours must think we’re crazy!)

… quickly degenerated into a mud pie factory!

today we spent the morning at boy charleton pool, probably the nicest public pool ever. just look at the view! nayou’s become a much better swimmer since i last saw him in a pool.

we practiced our handstands there as well. this little boy is super strong!

while i was out running errands this afternoon, the rest of my family was having a body painting party!