Daily Archives: July 30, 2011

we’re going full steam ahead with our heads down on happy feet 2. the movie is coming out in november come hell or high water, so the studio is in a bit of a frenzy! i did my first week of overtime, which actually wasn’t nearly as bad as i was anticipating. the only thing that really sucks about overtime is that it cuts out off of the precious family time we have, minus about a hurried hour in the morning. i console myself knowing that the money earned now is fuelling some extended hang out time in just a few short months.

last week we released the first real trailer (we had a teaser out before). neither of them give you any idea what the movie is about, but at least you can look at the pretty pictures. i would be lying if i told you that animated penguins are a passion of mine, but the renders that are going through look really nice. enjoy!