application accepted, deposit taken!

i really, really wanted last weekend to be our one that we spent house hunting. it was getting a bit depressing looking at houses because none of the ones we’d seen so far had jumped at us and screamed “YES!”. we’ve been slowly raising our upper limit on what we wanted to spend in the hopes of getting something perfect, but there was always something crucial lacking from the places (storage space, proximity to trains/parks/shops, etc). brenda and i know that we want to stay in the area we were are now. its a beautiful area (minus the junkies and strip bars. ahem.) with lots of shops and parks and more importantly, friends. commuting is easy and getting around town is easy. so we’ve been praying for something to come through but everything so far had been too expensive or too small.

we had a pretty good lineup for saturday – four houses in total – with two of them looking very likely. there was one that looked gorgeous but we had flagged it as being too far away. but i noticed on saturday morning that we could fit it in between viewings so i suggested we go take a peek at it anyway. we walked over to the place from our hotel and were surprised to find that it was actually really close. then we saw the beautiful restored art deco building and tried not to get too excited. and when we walked into the apartment we looked at each other and said “WANT!”. we grabbed an application, filled it out and dropped it off at the real estate agent’s office the same day. we faxed over some extra paperwork yesterday and finally i got a call from the agent today saying they had accepted our application! so we’ve paid our deposit and unless the landlord decides to reject it (highly unlikely) we have found a place to live!

we won’t be moving in until december 6th, which is perfect because dr. d is paying for our hotel until the 5th. so we can roll right into our new place. if you want to see some photos, here is the link to the listing. it comes unfurnished, so nayou will have lots of space to play with while we figure out how to set things up. we’re so excited to be settling down – its been quite the battle since we arrived here to grow some roots but its finally happening!