Daily Archives: May 17, 2010

while we were in san blas i had the good fortune of meeting two very cool japanese guys – kazu and hiro – who are travelling through mexico. we hit it off instantly and i ended up inviting them to come and stay with us in sayulita. they arrived almost a week ago and have been staying with us since. however, our adventures with them is for another post.

i wanted to share this set of photos that hiro took. they were taken in front of a bare wall of the sayulita recycling center. ever since brenda first laid eyes on this wall she has been wanting to beautify it, so she made this crazy cool fish out of old wood and bottle caps. the story of the fish is also something that she will share in another post.

we don’t have very many family photos so having an extra person as a shutterbug is so nice. especially when that person has a great eye like hiro does!