an auspicious start


may 2010 be full of happiness and love!

after two weeks of visitors its finally time for us to settle back into our normal routine. kris, joe, francisco and aimee left yesterday afternoon for san francisco, and now we are officially back to being a nuclear family after almost two weeks of glorious mayhem. sniff sniff. having the four of them in sayulita was an absolute blast. their zest for life is contagious, and seeing sayulita through their eyes reminded me of how awesome this place is. i was getting a bit complacent without some outside perspective to bring things back into focus! there was some great symbiotic sort of energy with everyone – i think the four of them thought we were awesome for showing them around town, and we thought they were awesome for their amazing generosity (fancy dinners, tequila, pedicures, tequila). our combined awesomeness was very much greater than the sum of its parts, and this made for a very special holiday.

we were having too much fun to take photos. which was fine – some things are better experienced without the aid of a camera, especially when incriminating situations are involved 😉 the only good photos i have are from the day we spent cruising around on a trimaran, which ranks as one of my best in mexico!




i hope everyone is enjoying a good start to the new year!