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right after the easter break, noa and john were in sydney for two weekends in a row. brenda had piqued john’s curiousity about raw food over easter, so we invited them over for a raw dinner. our mutual friend rebecca (whom noa and i went to high school with) and her husband geremy (not a typo!) have also been keen to get a taste of gourmet raw food so it turned into a bit of a party. brenda prepared an amazing spread – corn chips, guacamole, lasagna and chocolate pudding (all raw!). any skeptics in the room were converted by the end of the night. geremy, who is a chef, has decided to try his hand at raw food and has promised to invite us over soon for a raw feast at his place!

nayou of course was overjoyed at the prospect of meeting play mates, old and new!

brenda has also been busy as a seamstress. on friday she converted one of her old sweaters into a new one for nayou! which is perfect, because it is starting to get seriously cold in sydney. the sun is still shining, but the chill is winning. nayou’s not going to be very cold though!

and here is what went down on saturday morning 🙂


another mellow, sunny weekend in sydney came to a wonderful close today with clementine’s 2nd birthday party. matt and claudia, clementine’s parents, were one of the first people that we met when we arrived. they live practically next door to the hotel we were staying at. this afternoon we gathered at elizabeth bay park to celebrate clementine turning two. elizabeth bay park sits up on a hill that overlooks part of sydney harbour, and features a nice koi pond, open green spaces and a great vibe. its so nice that people have weddings there regularly! matt and claudia pulled out all the stops for the party with decorations, fruit salad, yummy dips and plenty of booze for the adults.

there was also a rather spectacular cake which was a big hit with the kids.

nayou is more excited about the idea of cake and sugary foods than the reality. he really wanted to try a piece, but didn’t really eat much when he got it. ditto for some of the cupcakes that they had out as well. which is kind of a relief, because the last thing you want to be doing at a birthday party is pulling your kid away from the stuff that all the other kids are eating! now if it was, say, an olive cake, then he would have scarfed the whole thing down in the blink of an eye. this little boy has a serious soft spot for olives at the moment…

lots of babies and kids of all ages were in attendance, and it was great to see them all horsing around and having a ball. its nice when the kids all take care of each other and the adults can kick back and hang out!

here is the birthday girl:

brenda made a super cute dress for her out of an old pillow case she found at the salvation army. with a matching headband of course.

while we were in san blas i had the good fortune of meeting two very cool japanese guys – kazu and hiro – who are travelling through mexico. we hit it off instantly and i ended up inviting them to come and stay with us in sayulita. they arrived almost a week ago and have been staying with us since. however, our adventures with them is for another post.

i wanted to share this set of photos that hiro took. they were taken in front of a bare wall of the sayulita recycling center. ever since brenda first laid eyes on this wall she has been wanting to beautify it, so she made this crazy cool fish out of old wood and bottle caps. the story of the fish is also something that she will share in another post.

we don’t have very many family photos so having an extra person as a shutterbug is so nice. especially when that person has a great eye like hiro does!







as usual we’ve been slack with our blog updates. there are a bunch of photos that i have been meaning to post for a while but haven’t had the chance to, so this will be the post where you get to see them all!

nayou is at the stage now where he is dirty all the time. we have to bathe him twice a day – once for each time he goes to sleep – and change his clothes just as often. i remember stories of my aunt adele hosing her two kids off in the backyard when they needed a clean. usually these stories were related with a touch of mock horror, but now i can totally relate. in fact, we are proudly following in her footsteps! usually when we come home for his afternoon nap, we let him loose on the front porch with the hose. i like to think it fosters independence 😉




it used to be that we would head down to the beach after nayou’s nap, but these days we usually end up hanging out at home with the neighbourhood kids. this group are a serious godsend as they entertain each other for hours. watching them play and take care of each other is so cool. nayou is slowly getting better at the whole sharing thing, and i’m sure that he is learning a lot from these kids.



these two pics were taken by ximena, the older girl in the photos above. for some reason i find them hilarious and totally adorable. nayou is using crying as a tool to try and get his way, which is what is happening here. when that lower lip starts jutting out, beware!



a couple more random shots:





oh yeah and we went on another one of darrien’s awesome cruises a few weeks ago.


and brenda took nayou to visit the land that we were (and kind of still are)  interested in buying for our earthship. our boy got into the spirit of things in full expedition gear. note the bag of toys in his hand. we can’t leave the house without some sort of container stuffed full of his things. they don’t have to necessarily be toys – occasionally we’ll leave with a handful of his underwear too.


check out his big bag in this photo (if you can take your eyes off his golden mullet):


nayou still can’t swim yet, but he is very comfortable in the waves even when they break over his head. he’s kind of into surfboards, but mostly he likes to splash around in places where his feet can barely touch the sand.


our friends from revolucion del sueno sent us two lovely photos from the surf competition. the one of rocky is just gorgeous!



on monday we are headed off to san blas with some friends for a couple of days. our friend risa is from there and so we’re going to get a taste of the local life up there. not to mention the surf!