Daily Archives: July 27, 2010

today we went to france! … which sounds like a bit of a big deal, but really all it took was a twenty minute ferry ride across the lake. we rode the ferry to a small medieval village called yvoire, which sits right on the lake, but on the french side. its famous because the village looks pretty much the way it did in the 17th century, albeit with more tourists and all the trappings that go along with it. its still an absolutely gorgeous place though!

as is usually the case, nayou packed his bag to take with him. this dude is a real packrat – every time we go somewhere he spends ages stuffing his backpack with all kinds of things. cars, twigs, leaves, books, it all has to come along! pity he forgot to change out of his pjs 🙂


we left from nyon, which is the next village up the lake from where we are. we come to nyon quite a bit to play at the park, see friends and hang out at their amazing market. nayou has been jonesing a ride on the ferry ever since we got here so he was very exicted.



once we got to yvoire we couldn’t stop ooh-ing and aah-ing at everything. you realise where disneyland got their inspiration from when they were making their attractions – its almost too perfect!






of course since we were in france we had to have a baguette with cheese and pickles. or rather, nayou had a baguette with cheese and pickles, and his parents scrounged for the crumbs.


aaaand, here are some other random photos from the last couple of days.




here is an example of something positive that facebook has done for me – this photo is of me and olivier. we used to play together when we were living in geneva waaay back in the day. i was about four years old! he found out we were in geneva on facebook and got in touch. that resulted in the whole family coming over for dinner on sunday for a very happy reunion! we’re pretty much the same, just hairier.