Daily Archives: July 6, 2010

the clan currently residing in the tanimura hotel grew by one last week with the arrival of hana! she came from london to hang out for ten days. nayou is very fond of her and spent little time attaching himself to her side.






this morning i found an old photo album on the kitchen table. the album had a bunch of my photos, documenting my life from birth until about 2001 when i graduated from university. it was cool looking at my first few years and thinking about my parents going through the same things brenda and i are now, but the main thing i noticed was that i had really embarassing hair styles. i’ve done them all – the bowl cut, the weird spiky cut, the long bit over the eye almost-emo cut, and the obligatory long hair metal-head phase. at least you don’t really have a say in your childhood hair style, but i wonder if nayou is going to look back on his mullet and be embarassed too? (full disclosure: as of this writing, i haven’t cut my hair in over five months and i find myself in yet another probably embarassing hair stage of my life)



the gourmet streak that started at the epitos’ house has continued with aplomb here. my mum has been cooking up super yummy food with stuff  from her garden. nayou’s been learning the tricks of the trade so hopefully he will be fixing us our meals soon. its never too young to start working in the kitchen.



and on that same note, the ladies have been hard at work in front of the sewing machine as well. nayou’s got a new pair of pants, i’ve got a new wallet and we have several pretty tablecloths. if you need anything, shoot me an email and i’ll crack my whip.