Daily Archives: July 8, 2010

since we’ve left mexico brenda and i have been amazed at how much english nayou has picked up. about a month ago he was speaking about 90% in spanish, but now that he’s been around english speakers he has adapted at lightning speed. in general he does an amazing job at keeping the languages separate. for example, he only speaks spanish to brenda and i because he knows that we’re the only ones who understand him when he does. it goes both ways though – he’s definitely starting to get into spanglish now that he’s figured out we understand both. it would be sad if he forgot how to speak spanish, but i suppose that’s the nature of the game at this point! hopefully when we settle into our next home we can find some spanish speaking kids for him to practice with.

excuse the poor video quality. i have to edit the video in premiere because windows movie maker doesn’t understand quicktimes, and the export settings are too numerous and try my patience. i just went with the first one that worked 🙂