Daily Archives: July 19, 2010

we are approaching our one month mark in geneva which is hard to believe. this place is so relaxing time just seems to slip on by. its not like we’re going out and doing all sorts of crazy activities – the bulk of our time is spent in the house and garden, with sorties to the nearby park or soccer field to break things up. in writing this seems pitifully boring and yet in reality its a very peaceful and fun time for us. nayou in particular has been loving the smaller pleasures that life has to offer, like walking nekkid:


hiding in boxes:


collecting leaves (note appropriately manly work overalls augmented with fishing rod):


terrorising the neighbourhood on his bike:


and driving trains:


there have also been what he would consider more major events, such as getting a ride in a tractor that was baling hay:



and getting a visit from his newly minted five month old cousin charlotte (technically first cousin once removed, but who’s splitting hairs? baby charlotte is the daughter of my cousin adam and his wife marion. they live in london and popped over last weekend to hang out. nayou was very enamoured with charlotte, giving her cuddles and asking for her first thing in the morning. we did detect more than a hint of jealousy though once he realised he wasn’t the center of attention anymore! it was cool to see adam as a dad. especially to admire his aussie feeding style. no amount of time in london is going to take that out of him!


charlotte is really alert and super curious. she’s also very friendly. we all had good cuddle time with her and she responded with coos and dribbles, just like a good baby should!



on sunday we all went on a hike in st. cergue, which is possibly one of the most gorgeous spots on earth. i mean seriously, you wouldn’t even find a postcard that looks as good as this place.







so those are the haps in our corner of the globe for now. i’ll leave you with one of those pesky chickens that nayou loves to chase around.