Daily Archives: August 21, 2011

o glorious day! i am writing this just after 5pm on sunday while waiting for nayou to come home after spending the day with uncle colin and aunty yanny. brenda and i spent the whole day in adult land, and it was awesome. we kicked off the morning in style at a screening of my favourite anime tekkonkinkreet at the opera house. the showing was part of a graphic storytelling festival, which is the kind of thing that makes me appreciate living in a city like sydney. the screening was accompanied by live music from a duo called plaid, who did the original score for the movie. i love how the opera house is loosening up and hosting all these cool events. brenda and i were laughing that the two times we’ve been to the opera house were to see yo gabba gabba live, and a movie.

after the movie we wandered around the rocks for a bit, followed by a late lunch at mad pizza, afternoon tea at room 10 and then home. halfway through our day we realised that we’d left the house with no keys and were locked out. our kitchen window was open, but its about 3m from the ground and it has bars on the window. normally this would be a hopeless situation, but as luck would have it there are several long ladders in our building, and brenda has been stashing nayou’s collection of long sticks in the hedges by our house. so armed with a ladder, a long stick and brenda’s ninja skills we managed to fish out the keys that were hanging up in our kitchen. yeehaw!

nayou was soooo excited to see yanny and colin this morning. he is going through a phase where he is being really funny (and not in a ha-ha way) with people lately, so it was good to see him actually looking forward to hanging out with someone other than us. yanny is amazing as well – she sends us photos and txts of the goings on so we know he is having a good time. not that i think its possible for nayou not to have fun with them! a big thanks to them for giving us some much needed time alone!

they’re going to be here any minute now so i will leave you with a short video of recent random bits. the indoor gym-like place is this weekly thing called gymbaroo that nayou goes to. there is a shot of him sitting in noelene’s lap, who is the lady that runs the sessions. it was a long road to friendship for those two but now nayou loves her!