Daily Archives: May 21, 2013

brenda found this little guy scuttling around inside our backdoor tonight. this is the third one since we moved into our place in early february. not sure if that is a lot or a little! they are a bit hard to spot, but are very easy to catch. we chuck them in the freezer and they go to sleep forever. apparently having chickens will scare away the scorpions but the mexican chickens are super early risers (read: 3am) so we may just be swapping one problem out for another.

another example of the generation gap between nayou and most of us – youtube is his television. its awesome because there is endless variety, and he can watch it on any number of devices. and it sucks because its hard to tear yourself away from it, especially when its available on a multitude of screens. still, its cool that he can access videos that thoroughly review the different kinds of toys that he is interested in.

one of his favourites is a user called EvanTubeHD, who is this cool, cute kid who reviews all kinds of toys, mainly lego and angry birds (no wonder nayou loves him). nayou has been using his own digital camera to record tons of reviews, often echoing phrases that he has picked up from evan. this video was taken this afternoon to showcase a new model that nayou built:

and here is a sample of evan doing his thing: