hitting our stride

house? pretty much check. car? check. surfboard? check. now that the holy trinity is more or less sorted, we have finally started (resumed?) our lives as beach bums. we haven’t done much work on the house at all, but we sure have been doing some serious work on our tans. the surf has been small to non-existent so instead we have been lounging around and catching some waves on our boogie board instead. actually, nayou has been doing most of the catching. brenda and i have been doing the ooh-ing and aah-ing. we finally captured some of the boogie magic on video to share with the world in all its glory:




there was also an unfortunate incident with my board shorts which nayou dutifully immortalised with his digital camera.


in other news, we’ve started the sweet/sad friendship cycle of the transient wanderers with two really cool ladies from england – lucy and liz. we met them a couple of weeks ago and have been doing lots of hanging out since. they are leaving next week which is super sad, but it sure has been nice having partners in crime! oh, and nayou took this photo:


so yes, its good to be back in hardcore chill mode. the days are already all melding together, and i have trouble remembering what day of the week it is lately 🙂