a really good friday

sydney continues to deliver impeccable weather and today was no exception. we finally had a good reason to get out of the sun and sand with a visit to the hockeys (known by nayou as “aunty yanny’s house”) for some hot cross buns. the usual suspects were all there with sean + mary to make things even more merrier. its always amazing to me how time seems to fly by when we’re over there. we booked our car share from 11am-5pm and we barely made it back in time. actually we tried to extend it but the car was already booked!

the buns were delicious and i had a good time getting some info on my australian family tree. i knew my great grandmother immigrated from india to australia, but i had no idea they were planning on going to new zealand instead. apparently she and her husband met a minister on the ship to new zealand and he convinced them to try their luck in australia! i was also surprised that our ties to india go back quite a way. quite weird to think that in the not-so-distant future perhaps we will pop up as a blip in some relative’s investigations!

uncle colin recorded a special video for nayou who went missing for a good hour while he watched it! aunty yanny even made him some snacks which he thoroughly enjoyed, julius caesar style:

the day was too gorgeous to resist visiting the beach in the evening. i’m finding it hard to go without seeing the ocean at least once a day! the moon was stunning tonight.

happy easter everyone! i hope you are spending it with your loved ones, physically or virtually. thanks to aunty yanny and uncle colin for hosting yet another super fun gathering 🙂

p.s. in case you haven’t had your fill of nayou today: