… aaaand we out!

the movers are going to be here in about and hour and after we return the keys to the real estate agent we will be errand free! its been a very easy move for us and i like to think that this bodes well for the rest of our trip.

i am so excited to be going to bali! its is definitely time to just relax. although it always takes a while to switch from busy bee mode into “its ok to not be doing anything right now” mode. nayou has been a superstar while we run around getting things done. aunty yanny and aunty r’adele have been awesome too!

potts point was a fun place to live and we’ll definitely miss it. lots of cool people live here 🙂

the wifi at our house in bali isn’t working, so this might be the last post in a while. i’ll write more from bali!