’tis the season to be jolly!

merry christmas everyone! i hope you all had a wonderful time filled with many smiles and fun. we kicked our celebrations off on christmas eve with a family dinner at my aunt adele’s house. she went all out with her preparations, cooking a turkey and a ham, plus all of the fixings that go with it. the house looked amazing and it was nice to share such a beautiful space with all of the usual suspects from my mum’s side. nayou is really comfortable with everyone now and made himself at home immediately. although sometimes i think the only reason he likes to go to adele’s is because he gets to use their vacuum cleaner. this kid is obsessed with vacuuming!

grandma got an ipad which is great because now she can check all of the family blogs easily. she even got herself an email address!

the dinner went on way past nayou’s bedtime. the excitement kept him in good spirits though, especially when he got to watch maisy mouse in uncle colin’s arms. we think these two must have been super close in a past life because there is a very strong bond between them. nayou’s reaction when he first saw colin that night will probably go down as legend in the family annals!

here are some photos from a couple of days ago. we didn’t get a tree this year and so brenda decided to get some art supplies and make some decorations and a paper tree instead. kim, gordon and sarah came over and we went to town with our cutting and pasting. brenda also sewed some stockings for us which are amazing!

this was the first year that nayou really understood the concept of santa claus. he wrote him a letter asking him for a blue scooter and was fascinated by the fact that he lived in the north pole. after we got back from the party at adele’s, we put out a carrot for the reindeers and a cup of tea for santa and then nayou passed out cold. when he woke up in the morning i was expecting him to be amazed at the fact that the presents had magically appeared, but he was very nonplussed. i think because we had explained to him what was going to happen so many times, he just took it for granted that that was what was going to happen. there were some funny moments with the reindeer droppings though!

we celebrated christmas day in true aussie style with a trip to the beach. the weather was amazing – a beautiful sunny 27C (81F) day with a light breeze. we went to coogee beach because we had heard good things about it but hadn’t visited yet. we definitely were not disappointed! it wasn’t too crowded, but not too deserted and the water was perfect.

we even found santa and one of his helpers drunkenly wandering the beach. apparently they missed their last sleigh home.

santa hats were probably the most popular accessory at coogee. i found a stray one while i was swimming in the water and bought it back with me.

our boxing day has been super mellow – just skypeing with family and taking some strolls around the neighbourhood with the scooter. i’ll leave you with some cute photos we took of nayou on christmas eve. he’s looking much older and mature in them… perhaps its the tie? ho ho ho!