Daily Archives: September 12, 2010

and lots has happened, but as usual i find myself overwhelmed at the prospect of writing about it all. so here’s a quick rundown: somewhere in between posts i turned 32, hana came down for a surprise birthday visit, and i got a job in sydney! you know, just a usual week around here 😉

obviously the biggest news is our impending move to australia. we’ve been on the road for 14 months and the time is right to settle down for a little while. the company i am going to is called dr. d and they do special effects for movies, much like weta does. i’m going there to lead the team that will build the pipeline for the next mad max movie. this is the studio’s first live action film and they don’t have much of a pipeline in place so i am both excited and scared. it feels like a lot of responsibility! we’re leaving some time next week – i think thursday – and spending three days with aya in los angeles before going down under. its weird to think that i’m going to be back at work within two weeks, but it feels right and i’m ready to do my programming thing again.

with all of the hurly burly we haven’t had much time to take photos, so i’m afraid there isn’t much to share. but somethin’ is better than nothin’ so here’s what we got.




and here is nayou showing what happens to young children when they are exposed to too much european radio:

if you have no idea what nayou’s talking about, click here.

oh, and today i was extremely manly and chopped wood for a few hours. i even did it shirtless, for extra manliness!