cute overload

ok sorry about the lengthy pauses between posts these days. our new(er) laptop has been giving us lots of grief and it looks like there might be some kind of hard disk failure. its a good thing we have our trusty six-year old fujitsu as a back up! it can’t do much any more, but it sure comes through in a pinch.

not that much has changed since i last wrote. we are still loving our new house. nayou is acting more and more like a big boy with each passing day. and brenda and i have been surfing a lot. the waves have been awesome recently which makes nayou’s 5.30am wake-ups kind of a good thing. plus i think because we know we’re leaving at the end of april, we have been surfing every chance we get. if there is one thing that we are really, really, really going to miss, its the surf. our friend sondra and i were comparing surfers to dogs. if you don’t walk your dog every day then eventually it will get anxious, restless and irritable. ditto for surfers. i can feel a decrease in my general sense of well bring after about four days of not surfing. i remember looking at surfers in wellington and thinking how crazy they were going out in the freezing cold water. now i think i would be among them. its a healthy addiction though, i swear!

in addition to surfing, i have been teaching a LOT of yoga. my friend shelly (who runs her own yoga and pilates classes) was in the states this week so i was filling in for her. one day i taught three consecutive one-hour classes in the morning followed by one ninety minute class in the afternoon. for someone who is used to teaching three times a week, this has been a big step up. after this week though, i have realised that one class a day is about my maximum. while i love teaching, i find that it takes a lot of energy and its just too draining to do it more than once a day. its not really fair to the yogis who come to class either. i’m going to get a great chance to recharge though. i’ve got a three day workshop with diane long coming up on monday, and tomorrow i start a 30 day sadhana with my friend marianne!

nayou has been doing really well, although we are definitely in the era of strong opinions and the occasional tantrum. oh, and not sharing. he was in one hell of a mood this morning and i found myself fantasising about volume knobs on children very frequently. nayou also knows when he’s in trouble and will try and change the subject by suddenly noticing something very important across the room. i wonder whether this is going to be a lifelong habit. its a good thing they make ’em so cute!





sometimes nayou is the poster child for homlessness:


this is a super awesome series that brenda took:











and this might be my favourite sayulita photo. it was taken on a day where the weather and the waves were just perfect. we were hanging out on the beach and it captures that afternoon so well.